Painting - Gambler Series

A couple of older works now being trotted out.

See these and other illustrations at RedBubble

3D Virtual World

3D Virtual World created with VastPark software platform, 2011.
Envisioned to be a virtual world for a future exercise game development.
Developed as part of Swinburne University of Technology Masters in Multimedia subject Multimedia Project Development.
I project managed and produced 100% of the creative work on this project for my client organisation VastPark.
Video Demonstration at YouTube

Previous Web Design

Plastic Paleontology WebSite: 2009

Party Clown Website: 2011

Animation Showreel

see this and other animations at YouTube

2D Flash Animation

see this and other animations at YouTube

3D Modelling & Animation

3DStudio Max Animation

3DStudio Max Modelling

Robot 2000: The Millennium Robot

see these and other animations at YouTube

Game Design: Flash

Latest FLASH project: BIFF, an arcade beat 'em up game.Click the image to play BIFF at MegaSWF